Ozone and UV Monitoring Stations

The Met. Office measures ozone at Lerwick in the Shetlands using a Dobson spectrophotometer (until 2003 measurements were also made at Camborne in Cornwall). Stratospheric ozone monitoring is also undertaken by The University of Manchester at Reading University and The Valentia Observatory in the Irish Republic using Brewer spectrophotometers. Measurements of ultra-violet radiation are made at six sites in the UK.

The table below shows the types of monitoring at each site.

Monitoring site Type of monitoring
Belfast Broadband UV
Camborne Broadband UV
Chilton Broadband UV
Spectral UV
Glasgow Broadband UV
Inverness Broadband UV
Leeds Broadband UV
Lerwick Ozone Monitoring
Broadband UV
London Broadband UV
Malin Head Broadband UV
Manchester Ozone Monitoring
Reading Ozone Monitoring
Spectral UV
Broadband UV
Swansea Broadband UV
Valencia Ozone Monitoring