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Air Quality Library 

The Air Quality Library provides access to a variety of reports and documents. These are split into categories as shown in the left hand navigation, and you can also search for reports to find a specific document.

Search the Air Quality Library - you can search by keywords, publication dates, or information about the report itself.

Most Recent 10 Reports

1. UK Informative Inventory Report (1990 to 2016) (PDF 4.69 MB)
Report Date: 16/03/2018 (Uploaded: 16/03/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: D Wakeling, NR Passant, TP Murrells, A Misra, Y Pang, G Thistlethwaite, C Walker, P Brown, S Del Vento, R Hunter, J Wiltshire, M Broomfield, J Watterson, B Pearson, K Rushton (Ricardo Energy & Environment), M Hobson, C Dore (Aether), T Misselbrook (Rothamsted Research)
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2. Trends Report 2017: Trends in critical load and critical level exceedances in the UK (PDF 1.25 MB)
Report Date: 31/08/2017 (Uploaded: 19/02/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions, Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Ecosystems
Author: Jane Hall, Ron Smith & Tony Dore
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3. Airborne particles from wood burning in UK cities (PDF 5.48 MB)
Report Date: 31/07/2017 (Uploaded: 30/01/2018)
Categories: Urban Air Quality
Author: Anna Font & Gary Fuller
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4. Assessment of particulate emissions from wood log and wood pellet heating appliances (PDF 19.85 MB)
Report Date: 27/01/2018 (Uploaded: 30/01/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Robert Stewart
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5. QA/QC Data Ratification Report for the Automatic Urban and Rural Network, October-December 2016 and Annual Report 2016 (PDF 1.21 MB)
Report Date: 08/08/2017 (Uploaded: 19/12/2017)
Categories: Monitoring Networks, Urban Air Quality
Author: Stewart Eaton
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6. A review of the NAEI shipping emissions methodology (PDF 6.24 MB)
Report Date: 12/12/2017 (Uploaded: 15/12/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Tim Scarbrough, Ioannis Tsagatakis, Kevin Smith, Daniel Wakeling (Ricardo), Tristan Smith, Eoin O’Keeffe, Elena Hauerhoff (UCL Consultants, U-MAS)
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7. Open fires and wood-burning stoves - a practical guide (PDF 218.68 KB)
Report Date: 04/12/2017 (Uploaded: 04/12/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
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8. Updating NAEI Carbon Emission Factors (PDF 1.01 MB)
Report Date: 27/11/2017 (Uploaded: 28/11/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Peter Brown, Sabino Del Vento, Eleanor Kilroy, Neil Passant, Joe Richardson, Glen Thistlethwaite
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9. UK Emission Mapping Methodology 2015 (PDF 5.39 MB)
Report Date: 26/10/2017 (Uploaded: 26/10/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Ioannis Tsagatakis, Shaun Brace, Neil Passant, Ben Pearson, Ben Kiff, Joe Richardson & Mark Ruddy
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10. Air Quality Pollutant Inventories for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: 1990 - 2015 (PDF 6.12 MB)
Report Date: 22/09/2017 (Uploaded: 06/10/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Luke Jones, Harry Smith, Richard Claxton, Glen Thistlethwaite
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