UK Particle Monitoring Programme

These are Excel data files from Defra's UK Particulate Monitoring Research Programme - 1998 to 2009. Data from the Defra statutory monitoring networks for EC Directive compliance are stored separately - use the data selector to search for this data.

  • SMPS = Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer
  • CPC = Condensation Particle Counter

If you have difficulty viewing a file, please right mouse click and then select 'Save Target to' from the menu to download the monitoring data.

Data by sites

London Bloomsbury



North Kensington, London

Marylebone Road, London

Data by pollutants


CPC data measured for Glasgow Centre, London North Kesington, Port Talbot, Birmingham Centre, Manchester Picadilly, Belfast Centre sites.


Data for Belfast, Harwell, Marylebone Road and North Kensington sites


Data for Belfast, Harwell, Marylebone Road, North Kensington sites.


Data for Belfast, Harwell, Marylebone Road , North Kensington sites.

Meteorological Measurements

Data for Harwell and Rochester sites.