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UK Air Quality Data Catalogue 

This page provides a searchable catalogue of UK air quality monitoring and emissions data.

If you would like your data set to be added to the catalogue then please Contact Us for further details.

Information about the data sets (metadata) such as keywords, location covered, website link, responsible organisation and contact details have been collated and stored in the UK-AIR database in an INSPIRE compliant form. The metadata conform with the UK GEMINI2 standard. In future the UK-AIR catalogue will publish these metadata onto to make the datasets accessible to a wider audience. The catalogue has been developed adhering to the INSPIRE principles that data should be collected only once and kept where it can be maintained most effectively, and that information from different sources should be seamless and made available in a form to share with many users and applications.

Within the INSPIRE Directive air quality falls under Annexe III spatial data sets. Publication of this catalogue is a step towards the UK making metadata available for Annexe III spatial data sets by the compliance date of December 2013.

In order to search the catalogue please enter a keyword into the box below and click the "search catalogue" button at the bottom of the page.  You can list all the available datasets by typing "Air Quality" in the "Keywords" box.

The default options may produce a long list of results; you can refine the search by narrowing down the options if you wish.

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