Modelled air quality data

Defra's air quality modelling produces a number of meteorological simulations, gridded outputs and concentrations maps. Information on the models currently being used to generate these data is available in the Science & Research section.

You can download information regarding Defra's Modelled Air Quality Datasets (PDF 55KB) which are available to the public. If you would like more information on Defra's modelled air quality data and to enquire about access to these datasets please email

National background concentration maps are available. These are 1x1 km resolution model outputs for commonly requested maps that are produced for Defra to assist in policy and reporting to the European Commission.

» View background concentration maps available for download

Modelling for Local Air Quality Management

Defra makes available GIS files of Air Quality Management Areas which are produced by Ricardo Energy & Environment and are available from:

Modelled 1x1 km background pollutant maps are available by Local Authority from Defra's LAQM pages. These are outputs from the Pollution Climate Mapping model run by Ricardo Energy & Environment.

Tools to assist with air quality modelling are available from the LAQM pages and include an Emissions Factor Toolkit, NOx to NO2 calculator, EXEMPT cold starts model, biomass screening models and more.