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CSV data files for Burton-on-Trent Horninglow monitoring site

Listed below are links to CSV data files for Burton-on-Trent Horninglow. These files contain one year's automatic monitoring data and are updated daily. There are two formats to the files, firstly a file containing all pollutants measured at the site for each year followed by pollutant specific data files grouped by monitoring network.

To get the very latest data for Burton-on-Trent Horninglow use the Data Selector.

All Hourly Pollutant Data for site Burton-on-Trent Horninglow (Column Format)
2019 (CSV) 2018 (CSV)
Hourly Pollutant Files for Site Burton-on-Trent Horninglow in Automatic Urban Monitoring Network (in 24x365 Table Format)
Nitric oxideNitrogen dioxideNitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide
2019 (CSV) 2019 (CSV) 2019 (CSV)
2018 (CSV) 2018 (CSV) 2018 (CSV)