Nitrogen Dioxide Diffusion Tube (1993 to 2005)


Between 1993 and 2005 Defra operated a nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube network to obtain information on the temporal and spatial variation of the pollutant. Operation ceased at the end of 2005 and information on this pollutant is now more effectively provided by the AURN and by modelling.

However, NO2 diffusion tubes remain an important tool for Local Air Quality Monitoring and Defra provides various support services to local authorities using them.

For historical data from this network, access to the support services and for more information on using nitrogen dioxide tubes please see the Local Air Quality Management pages run by Bureau Veritas.

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Local Authority diffusion tube data are not available due to a change in contractor for LAQM, and will not in future form part of the UK-AIR datasets.

Defra and the DAs are working on new tools to make these datasets available which will in future be located within the LAQM pages for diffusion tubes.

For historical data between 1993 and 2005, you can use the UK-AIR Data Selector, or choose a monitoring site below from the dropdown menu to view data and graphs.

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