Automatic London Network


The Automatic London Network is a subset of sites in the AURN which also form part of the wider London Air Quality Network (LAQN).

What is measured?

The table of parameters lists everything measured since the AURN network started, and is not necessarily what the network is measuring at this current time.

Parameters Measured Monitoring sites and data
Carbon monoxide
Daily measured PM10 (uncorrected)
Daily measured PM2.5 (uncorrected)
Modelled Temperature
Modelled Wind Direction
Modelled Wind Speed
Nitric oxide
Nitrogen dioxide
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide
Non-volatile PM10 (Hourly measured)
Non-volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured)
PM10 Ambient pressure measured
PM10 Ambient Temperature
PM2.5 Ambient Preasure
PM2.5 Ambient Temperature
PM10 particulate matter (Daily measured)
PM10 particulate matter (Hourly measured)
PM2.5 particulate matter (Daily measured)
PM2.5 particulate matter (Hourly measured)
Sulphur dioxide
Volatile PM10 (Hourly measured)
Volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured)
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Current sites: 16
Total sites: 16
Data availability: 01/05/1994 to 25/10/2021

How is the network run?

Defra's Automatic London Network is run by Bureau Veritas with Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) activities contracted to the National Physical Laboratory.  Pollutant concentrations at each site are measured and collected automatically every hour for public information. The results are then made available for further research and analysis from the Data Archive section of UK-AIR.

For further information on air quality in London, please see the London Air Quality Network pages.