Report: UK Emissions of Air Pollutants 1970 to 2008

Report Information
Report Date 04/08/2010
Report Uploaded 16/08/2010
Reference AEAT/ENV/R/3036
Authors T P Murrells, N R Passant, G Thistlethwaite, A Wagner, Y Li, T Bush, J Norris, C Walker, R A Stewart, I Tsagatakis, R Whiting, C Conolly, S Okamura, M Peirce, S Sneddon, J Webb, J Thomas, J MacCarthy, S Choudrie, N Brophy
Categories Atmospheric Emissions

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The latest estimates of pollutant emissions to air in the UK (1970 - 2008), together with an overview of the major sources trends and emission maps. This latest annual report supercedes all previous reports in the series.

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