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Air Quality Library 

The Air Quality Library provides access to a variety of reports and documents. These are split into categories as shown in the left hand navigation, and you can also search for reports to find a specific document.

Search the Air Quality Library - you can search by keywords, publication dates, or information about the report itself.

Most Recent 10 Reports

1. UK Greenhouse Gas Inventory, 1990 to 2016: Annual Report for submission under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (PDF 4.53 MB)
Report Date: 12/04/2018 (Uploaded: 19/04/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Brown P, Broomfield M, Cardenas L, Choudrie S, Kilroy E, Jones L, MacCarthy J, Passant N, Thistlethwaite G, Thomson A, Wakeling D, Buys G, Gilhespy S, Glendining M, Gluckman R, Hampshire K, Henshall P, Hobson M, Malcolm H, Manning A, Matthews R, Milne A, Misselbrook T, Moxley J, Murrells T, Salisbury E, Walker C, Watterson J
There are 4 additional files with this report.
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2. Methodology for the UK’s Road Transport Emissions Inventory (PDF 875.07 KB)
Report Date: 13/03/2018 (Uploaded: 12/04/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Peter Brown, Daniel Wakeling, Yvonne Pang and Tim Murrells
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3. UK Informative Inventory Report (1990 to 2016) (PDF 4.69 MB)
Report Date: 16/03/2018 (Uploaded: 16/03/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: D Wakeling, NR Passant, TP Murrells, A Misra, Y Pang, G Thistlethwaite, C Walker, P Brown, S Del Vento, R Hunter, J Wiltshire, M Broomfield, J Watterson, B Pearson, K Rushton (Ricardo Energy & Environment), M Hobson, C Dore (Aether), T Misselbrook (Rothamsted Research)
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4. Trends Report 2017: Trends in critical load and critical level exceedances in the UK (PDF 1.25 MB)
Report Date: 31/08/2017 (Uploaded: 19/02/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions, Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Ecosystems
Author: Jane Hall, Ron Smith & Tony Dore
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5. Airborne particles from wood burning in UK cities (PDF 5.48 MB)
Report Date: 31/07/2017 (Uploaded: 30/01/2018)
Categories: Urban Air Quality
Author: Anna Font & Gary Fuller
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6. Assessment of particulate emissions from wood log and wood pellet heating appliances (PDF 19.85 MB)
Report Date: 27/01/2018 (Uploaded: 30/01/2018)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Robert Stewart
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7. QA/QC Data Ratification Report for the Automatic Urban and Rural Network, October-December 2016 and Annual Report 2016 (PDF 1.21 MB)
Report Date: 08/08/2017 (Uploaded: 19/12/2017)
Categories: Monitoring Networks, Urban Air Quality
Author: Stewart Eaton
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8. A review of the NAEI shipping emissions methodology (PDF 6.24 MB)
Report Date: 12/12/2017 (Uploaded: 15/12/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Tim Scarbrough, Ioannis Tsagatakis, Kevin Smith, Daniel Wakeling (Ricardo), Tristan Smith, Eoin O’Keeffe, Elena Hauerhoff (UCL Consultants, U-MAS)
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9. Open fires and wood-burning stoves - a practical guide (PDF 218.68 KB)
Report Date: 04/12/2017 (Uploaded: 04/12/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
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10. Updating NAEI Carbon Emission Factors (PDF 1.01 MB)
Report Date: 27/11/2017 (Uploaded: 28/11/2017)
Categories: Atmospheric Emissions
Author: Peter Brown, Sabino Del Vento, Eleanor Kilroy, Neil Passant, Joe Richardson, Glen Thistlethwaite
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