UKEAP: Acid Gas and Aerosol Network

What is the purpose of the network?

Acid Gas and Aerosol Network (AGA-Net) provides monthly average concentrations of acid gases and inorganic aerosol composition at ~ 27 sites. The network provides a long-term dataset of monthly speciated measurements of acid gases and aerosols that are used to provide temporal and spatial patterns and trends, and are used in mapping deposition and critical load exceedance of acidity and nutrient nitrogen.

What is measured?

An extension of the DELTA system at the NAMN sites is used to additionally sample gaseous HNO3, SO2, HCl and particulate NO3-, SO42-, Cl-, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+

Parameters Measured Monitoring sites and data
Particulate calcium
Particulate chloride
Particulate magnesium
Particulate sodium
Particulate nitrite
Particulate nitrate
Particulate sulphate
Gaseous hydrochloric acid
Gaseous nitric acid
Gaseous nitrous acid
Gaseous sulphur dioxide
Current sites: 28
Total sites: 37
Data availability: 01/09/1999 to 22/01/2024

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