UKEAP: Precip-Net

What is the purpose of the network?

Precipitation Network (Precip-Net) consists of ~ 41 sites at which the chemical composition of precipitation (i.e. rainwater) is measured. Eight of the sites provide data for the Long Term Monitoring Network (LTMN) operated by Natural England since 2016. The network allows estimates of wet deposition of sulphur, nitrogen species and base cations. Samples are collected fortnightly at 41 sites and daily at 2 sites.

What is measured?

Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, PO43-, NH4+, NO3-, SO42-, Cl-

Parameters Measured Monitoring sites and data
Calcium in precipitation
Chloride in precipitation
Potassium in precipitation
Magnesium in precipitation
Sodium in precipitation
Phosphate as P in precipitation
Nitrate as N in precipitation
Ammonium as N in precipitation
Sulphate as S in precipitation
Non-marine sulphate as S in precipitation
Acidity in precipitation
pH in precipitation
Sulphur dioxide as S
Strong acid in precipitation
Current sites: 48
Total sites: 151
Data availability: 01/01/1973 to 22/01/2024

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