Search for monitoring sites

This section allows you to find monitoring sites, across several different networks, in a specific part of the UK. This search tool only provides access to the UK national monitoring networks so may not contain information about specific monitoring in your specific local area.

To search by location, select a network below then either click on the map to select a search area or enter a UK postcode region which will highlight that area on the map.

1. Select the monitoring network you would like to search

Network :

By default the your search results will only include current active monitoring sites. You can choose to include closed monitoring sites above.

2. Select a search location in the UK

If you're using a postcode region, click "Select Region" to set the search to the region you enter. If available, map markers will show the location of the monitoring sites in the selected network.

Enter postcode regional code ex: NW11

Please Note: The accuracy of this search depends on the accuracy of the monitoring site location information which is provided from a variety of third-party sources depending on the network.