Who to contact

Local Authorities

Local authorities should advise their air quality representatives at Defra, GLA and the Devolved Administrations of any changes to their AQMAs, including amendments, revocations and new declarations.

If you are a local authority and you think there is an error in relation to your AQMA information then please use the AQMA Administration Area. The administration area allows users to provide information on declared, amended and revoked AQMAs in their authority area.

The administration area of the website is accessed by using your Report Submission Website (RSW) login details.

If you are not currently a registered RSW user then please contact the RSW Team


or if you have forgotten your login details, please click on the below link and follow the on-screen instructions.


LAQM Practice Guidance provides information on the recommended steps that local authorities should take when undertaking review and assessment including declaration of AQMAs. The Practice Guidance is published for each devolved administration and is available through the LAQM Support webpages at http://laqm.defra.gov.uk/supporting-guidance.html

If you are working for a local authority and need to find out more about AQMAs please visit the LAQM Helpdesk page on the LAQM Support website.