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Wrexham Information

The monitoring station is housed within a self-contained, air-conditioned unit located opposite Victoria County Primary School on the kerbside of Victoria Road (A5152) and 70 metres from Ruthin Road (A525). The surrounding area comprises residential and open common areas. The monitoring station is located approximately 5 metres from the kerb.


EU Site ID: GB0755A

Altitude (metres): 70

Environment Type: Urban Traffic

Site Location

Environment Type: Urban Traffic

Site Address: Wrexham

Government Region: North Wales

Easting/Northing: 332862, 349916

Latitude/Longitude: 53.042282, -3.002829

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Operator Networks
Bureau Veritas Automatic Urban Monitoring Network

Pollutants measured at this monitoring site

The pollutants measured at this monitoring site, grouped by network, are shown below.

Automatic Urban Monitoring Network

Pollutant Start Date End Date Inlet Height (m) Hourly PM Measurement method
Nitric oxide 06/03/2002 - 2.5
Nitrogen dioxide 06/03/2002 - 2.5
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 06/03/2002 - 2.5
Sulphur dioxide 06/03/2002 - 2.5
Carbon monoxide 06/03/2002 30/09/2007 Not available
PM10 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 21/03/2007 - 2.5 FIDAS200
PM2.5 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 01/10/2018 - 2.5 FIDAS200
PM10 particulate matter (Daily measured) 01/03/2002 30/09/2018 2.5
PM2.5 particulate matter (Daily measured) 01/12/2009 30/09/2018 2.5
Daily measured PM10 (uncorrected) 01/03/2002 31/12/2012 Not available
Daily measured PM2.5 (uncorrected) 01/12/2009 31/12/2012 Not available
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010 - Not available
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010 - Not available
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010 - Not available

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Networks measured at this monitoring site

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