Science & Research

This section provides links to other research funded by Defra and the Devolved Administrations. The links below may take you to other external websites and you will leave these air quality pages.

Air pollution modelling

Defra and the Devolved Administrations carry out air quality modelling both to provide information on concentrations of pollutants in places where we do not monitor and to predict concentrations under different situations, for example in the future or as a result of possible new policies.

UK Stratospheric Ozone and UV Measurements

The UK Stratospheric Ozone and UV monitoring programme funded by Defra and the Devolved Administrations provides ozone and UV background information and includes a map of the ozone and UV monitoring stations across the UK.

Research Monitoring

Defra and the Devolved Administrations support a number of research networks that gather data about certain air pollutants.

Ecosystem research

Defra and the Devolved Administrations have a number of research projects investigating the effects of air pollution on vegetation and ecosystems.

Air Quality Expert Group

The Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) is an Expert Committee to Defra that provides independent scientific advice on air quality, in particular the air pollutants contained in the 2019 Clean Air Strategy, the Air Quality Strategy (AQS) for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and those covered by the EU Directives on Ambient Air Quality.

Air Quality Information System Review

Defra have established a steering group to undertake a comprehensive review of how we communicate air quality information to ensure members of the public, and vulnerable groups in particular, have what they need to protect themselves and understand their impact on air quality.