Data tools

Data Selector

Simple statistics from the UK-AIR database. Choose Search Hourly Networks or Search Daily and Multi-Day Networks.

Annual & Exceedance Statistics

This tool allows you to choose the monitoring network, pollutant, metric, sites and time period you are interested in and it returns the chosen statistics.

Data Availability

This data availability tool provides allows you to interrogate the Data Archive to determine whether the data is accessible and what its current status

DAQI regional data

The overall air pollution index for a site or region is determined by the highest concentration of five pollutants.

UK Ambient Air Quality Interactive Map

This interactive tool allows you to explore ambient air quality concentration data from Defra's national Pollution Climate Mapping modelling.

Stratospheric Ozone Data

Use this section to download Stratospheric Ozone Data. Find out more about Stratospheric Ozone Data in the Science and Research section.

Annual compliance assessment data

Reported compliance data using data from the national monitoring networks and estimated concentrations from the PCM models, accessible via a compliance map and a data hub.

Openair toolset

Simple online functionality from the openair package using measured data sets and modelled meteorology.

Critical Loads

This web map service (WMS) provides Concentration Based Estimated Deposition (CBED) values of sulphur and nitrogen atmospheric deposition for 5x5 kilometre (km) grid squares of the UK averaged over the years 2011 to 2013.

UV Radiation Data

Use this section to download UV Radiation Data. Find out more about UV Radiation Data in the Science and Research section.

UK Air Quality Data Catalogue

Searchable catalogue of UK air quality monitoring and emissions data.