Air Quality Modelling Review

In October 2010 Defra appointed an independent steering group to review its current modelling capacity. The objectives of Defra's Modelling Review were as follows:

  • To review Defra's current modelling capacity –models currently used, outputs generated and how the output data is used.
  • To review the extent to which current policy requirements are being met by these outputs.
  • Highlight any gaps in policy requirements, any models being used which are not fit for purpose or any requirements not met by current capacity.
  • Highlight likely future policy requirements and extent to which new tools might need to be developed.
  • Provide recommendations on options available–including models which should be invested in and/or developed further.
  • To consider the findings of a wider review of modelling across the whole of Defra being undertaken by the Science Advisory Council (SAC)(PDF 80 KB).

Evidence provided to the steering group to conduct the review included:

  • A summary of Defra's current and future policy evidence needs.
  • Technical information about the models currently used by Defra.
  • Data from the first phase of the Model Intercomparison Exercise (MIE).
  • Discussion sessions with all modellers in the Model Intercomparison Exercise.

These inputs provided the background information from which the group made recommendations for the future direction of air quality modelling. Whilst it is recognised that the first phase of the MIE was limited in scope, it demonstrated broadly what the models could do. The second phase of the MIE will continue in parallel with the development of a future modelling strategy.

The final report (PDF 1001 KB) produced by the Air Quality Modelling Review Steering Group can be downloaded.