National and local monitoring data now available in one place

News published: 09/12/2020

In the 2019 Clean Air Strategy, Defra made a commitment to bring “local and national monitoring data together into a single accessible portal for information on air quality monitoring and modelling”. Defra have now launched a service on UK-AIR where users of the site can access automatic data from both the nationally run networks and those run by local authorities. Around 80% of automatic data from local authorities has been included in this service.

The automatic data is displayed as ‘locally managed automatic monitoring data” to make a clear distinction between the national and local data sets. Users will be able to access the local automatic data in the same way they can the national data now, for example using the data download service for specific sites or looking at site locations on a network map.  Read more here.

To facilitate future locally-managed data sharing with UK-AIR (even if there is no existing dedicated website resource) a dedicated API can be established from which data can be harvested. The documentation detailing the requirements for such an API is available on UK-AIR. Data originators wishing to make their data available can create an API based on this specification and contact for any guidance they should need.

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