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Air Quality in Gibraltar
Air Quality data and information for Gibraltar.
Andorra Air Quality Website
The Andorran Department of Andorra has created this website to keep the public updated with air quality levels in Andorra. Near real time and historic data are available from the air quality monitoring network.
Association for the monitoring and the study of atmospheric pollution in Alsace, France
This database provides an emissions inventory for 30 European countries based on 1994. Information is provided by country, and will in the future be available also by industrial sector and pollutant.
Danish air quality
data, including detailed site maps, for two national networks.
EEA's Ozone pollution across Europe
This website provides the public with easy access to information about ozone pollution across Europe. It was developed by EEA in cooperation with other European organisations. The website provides map views and graphs of ground-level ozone conditions. The information is based on near real-time data provided by national and regional organisations. As a joint European project, the website reflects the transboundary character of air pollution. Air pollutants may be transported over distances of 500 km a day.
Environment Daily - European environmental information.
The Republic of Ireland's environmental information service.
European Commission
Website of the European Commission
European Environment Agency
Website of the European Environment Agency
Federal Environmental Agency of Germany
The Federal Environmental Agency of Germany has an extensive site covering their many activities, in both German and English.
Greek Ministry for The Environment
The Greek Ministry for The Environment has daily air quality data for Athens.
IIASA - TAP Project
Project Details of the Transboundary Air Pollution Project at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.
Information on ambient air quality in the Belgian Regions.
Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Up-to-date summaries of current air quality and real-time monitoring data. Pages exist for the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Malmo and Copenhagen region, Norkoeping and Vasteras.
JRC Ispra
The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission at Ispra in Italy.
Lyon Air Quality
The city of Lyon, France produces a page discussing air quality in the region.
Northern Ireland Air Quality Network website
Information and data on air pollution in Northern Ireland and related air quality issues.
The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment pages.
State of the Environment Norway 1997
A wide range of Norwegian environmental information, including acid deposition.
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Swedish national agency for environmental protection and nature conservation.
Publishes online air quality data for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.
Welcome to TNO
Home page of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.