Supplement to the UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations: local authorities feasibility studies

On 23 March 2018 the government legally directed 33 local authorities to develop a feasibility study. The feasibility studies were used to develop the Supplement to the UK plan for tackling roadside NO2 concentrations ("the Supplement") which can be found at

The targeted feasibility studies submitted to UK Government are provided below for information.

Please note that government has not approved these documents in their entirety, but has used the content of the documents (and further information where requested) to determine the content of the Supplement. In particular, local authorities have been responsible for providing evidence to support the recommendations in their feasibility studies. For many this has involved using local modelling and monitoring to estimate NO2 concentrations and using local knowledge and/or evidence from a variety of sources to estimate the potential impact of measures. Government officials have made checks to ensure this evidence meets minimum requirements and is a reasonable basis for making decisions. Nonetheless, there is a high level of inherent uncertainty in estimating the potential impact of measures. In addition, any information in local authorities feasibility studies that is not material to the formulation of the recommendations detailed in the Supplement has not been fully quality assured and may not, therefore, be consistent with analysis underpinning government policy.