Air quality compliance xml files

The download links below provide the XML files for Data flows B to G. The table below summarises the name and role of each data flow. For more comprehensive guidance on the architecture and content of these data flows please see the guidance document.

Data flow Title/content Explanation
B Information on zones and agglomerations Zone geometry data, area, population
C Information on the assessment regime For each pollutant and metric, the measured and modelled data used in the assessment
D Information on the assessment method Meta information for measurements (site locations, distance from road, instrument details, analysis methodologies) and models (emissions inventory year, meteorology data)
E1a Information on primary validated assessment data(measurements) Base concentration data at different time resolutions according to measurement method
E1b Information on primary validated assessment data (modelled) Modelled background and roadside data
E2a Information on primary up-to-date assessment data (measurements) Near real-time data stream as it comes from the measurement instrument (prior to data QA/QC processes), intended to provide public information on current ambient levels.
G Information on the attainment of environmental objectives The declared compliance status of zones and agglomerations for each Limit Value, Target Value and Long-term Objective

For data submissions prior to 2020, please see the European Environment Agency website.

Near real time data

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Previous versions

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Data flows E1b and G, originally published on 29th September 2022, have been republished on 8th February 2024. The re-publication corrected a processing error which caused an underestimate in the NOx emissions from taxis in central London.

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