Appointments to the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG)

News published: 30/01/2018

Defra carried out a full and open recruitment campaign to appoint experts to the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) to replace members whose terms expire on 31st January 2018. Interviews were held in November 2017 and the panel agreed to re-appoint the following existing members:

  • Dr Mat Heal, University of Edinburgh;
  • Professor Ally Lewis, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of York; and
  • Professor Martin Williams, King’s College London.

The following two new members were appointed to start working with the group from 1st February 2018:

  • Dr Eiko Nemitz, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; and
  • Professor Claire Reeves, University of East Anglia.

Two additional ad-hoc members were also appointed:

  • Dr Ben Marner, Air Quality Consultants; and
  • Dr Andrew Williams, University of Chester.

Defra would like to thank all applicants for their interest in AQEG and to congratulate the successful candidates.

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