Changes to Daily Measured PM10 and PM2.5 Data on the Air Quality Archive

News published: 01/10/2009

There have been changes to the way the following parameters are reported on the Air Quality Archive:

- PM10 particulate matter (Daily measured) and
- PM2.5 particulate matter (Daily measured)

A 'field blank' correction - based on filters that have been placed in the sampler but not actually used - has been applied to the measured concentrations. This is intended to improve the accuracy of the data. However, it does mean that any daily-measured PM10 or PM2.5 data downloaded from the Archive before 1st July 2009 might have changed.

The uncorrected data are still available for download as:

  • Daily measured PM10 (uncorrected)
  • or
  • Daily measured PM2.5 (uncorrected)

For more information, please see

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