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Pollution forecast 

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Today (5th December 2016) Tuesday (6th December 2016) Wednesday (7th December 2016) Thursday (8th December 2016)

Provided by the Met Office

Latest forecast

Issued at 04/12/2016 5am


There is continued chance of pockets of Moderate levels of air pollution in some urban areas. On Monday, this is most likely to occur across parts of eastern and northeastern England. This is again due to the potential build up of locally emitted pollution with light winds forecast. Otherwise Low levels of air pollution are expected for most parts of the UK.


No forecast is currently available


A change to more unsettled weather conditions in expected with stronger winds than of late that which will start to come from a southwesterly direction. This means the UK is most likely to see Low levels of air pollution through this period.

Air pollution alerts

There are currently no air pollution alerts issued. This page will update with information about alerts when issued.
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