Part A

Part A
Part A comprises sections 1-10 of this manual. These contain general information which is relevant to all Local Site Operators. This includes background information on the AURN, the roles and responsibilities of the various contractors, principles of operation of the monitoring equipment, and the general principles of calibration.

Part B

Part B of the manual provides details of the procedures LSOs will need to carry out at each routine site visit. These procedures are different for different types of monitoring instrumentation. Please follow the procedures applicable to the instrumentation at the site(s) you look after.
Part B introduction
11 - API
12 - Thermo Fisher I Series
13 - Monitor Labs 98 Series Equipment
14 - Monitor Labs 98 Series Equipment with Envidas Data Logger
15 - Ecotech Serinus
16 - Horiba Equipment 360 Series
17 - Horiba 370 Series
19 - BAM
20 - Partisol 2025
21 - Fidas
22 - Calibration Sheets
23 - Site Audits and Intercalibration Visits
24 - Non-routine Site visits
25 - Troubleshooting
26 - References

Calibration Sheets
New Calibration sheet - General Instructions
Calibration spreadsheet v1.20

Other Information
Appendix A - Example of Service Contract Specification
Appendix B - Safety Data Sheets for Gases
Appendix C - Regulator Returns Procedure
Appendix D - Glossary of Abbreviations & Conversion Factors
Appendix E - Calibration Sheet
Appendix F - Partisol Checklist & Record Sheet
Appendix G - Equipment Support Unit Procedures
Appendix H - Gas Regulators

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